Skirting system

Our skirting systems feature

  • adjustability of the skirting seals
  • 175mm length for the skirting seal short edge
  • 202mm length for the skirting seal long edge
  • comma-type and maze-type series

to reduce material leakage at both the discharge & impact areas. The skirting seal device itself is crafted from ethyl carbamate. Offering very high wear resistance and maintaining a wide application scope, the skirting seals can be classified as comma-type and maze-type series.

Both the length of the skirt sealing plate and skirt clamping assembly can be adapted to suit the customer's individual requirements. With a groove angle exceeding 35 degrees, the longer edge of the skirting seal should be installed further downwards. The skirting system will work even more efficiently if used in combination with our impact cradle.

Please refer to our skirting system supplementary catalogue or our downloads section for additional product information.
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