Reversible cleaner

Our reversible cleaners feature
  • choice of stainless steel blades, tungsten carbide blades and wear-resistant alloy blades
  • choice of heat-resistant, cold-resistant and UV-resistant series
  • compatibility with HTEY tensioners

to remove any foreign substances from the surface of the belt. Being installed under the head (head pulley) and deviating from the centerline of the head pulley about 100mm to 200mm along the running direction of the lower belt, any foreign substances are cleaned away by our secondary cleaner through the combined action of the blade and tensioner. The reversible cleaner is suitable for installation on reversible conveyor belt systems.

Patent numbers:
  • ZL 2005 2 0075085.6
  • ZL 2005 2 0075237.2

Please refer to our reversible cleaner supplementary catalogue or our downloads section for additional product information.

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