Primary cleaner

Our primary cleaners feature

  • split or integral blades
  • choice of heat-resistant, cold-resistant and UV-resistant series
  • suitability for belt speeds below or above 3m/s
  • heavy-duty or extra-heavy-duty versions

to remove the majority of materials adhered to the conveyor belt. Throughout the working process, only a thin layer of sticky fines is left on the belt. Developed to work flawlessly even under the most adverse conditions, our primary cleaner is available as

  • heavy-duty version (compatible with HTEO or HTEM tensioners & suitable for belt speeds below 3m/s)


  • extra-heavy-duty version (compatible with HTEW tensioners & suitable for belt speeds above 3m/s)

both of which matched to a wide range of environments by choosing from our heat-resistant, cold-resistant and UV-resistant series. 
The primary cleaner will work even more efficiently if used in combination with our secondary cleaner.

Patent numbers:
  • ZL 2005 2 0075084.1
  • ZL 2005 2 0075239.1

Please refer to our primary cleaner supplementary catalogue or our downloads section for additional product information.
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