Impact cradle

Our impact cradles feature

  • polymeric slide bar plates
  • aluminium alloy construction
  • adjustable groove angle

as an integral device for the improvement of your conveyor belt transportation systems.

Installed as an impact cushion at transit and/or discharge points, our impact cradle plays a vital role in the protection of conveyor belt systems by cushioning the impact forces from falling lumps of materials. It preserves the life of the belt, structure and components, while stabilizing the belt line for the improved edge sealing and belt tracking.

The length range of the slide bar assembly contains 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm sizes, all of which can be adapted to suit the customer's individual requirements.

Patent number:
  • ZL 2005 2 0075087.5

Please refer to our impact cradle supplementary catalogue or our downloads section for additional product information.
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